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Products Wii
  • Vignette_iiMotionDualCharg2.png
    › Charging stand + 2 batteries for Wii™* Remote, COMPATIBLE WITH Wii MOTIONPLUS™*

    • 2 Batteries for Wii™* Remote*
    • 1 Charging stand for 2 Wii™* Remote*
    • 1 power cable to connect directly to the Wii™* console (recharge through 1 of the console USB port)

  • Vignette_SensorBar.png
    › The only one that can be adapted to any installation and all types of screens and overhead projectors.

    • Slim and unobtrusive Wireless Sensor Bar. No more cable clutter behind your Wii™* console.

  • Vignette_RechargeableBatteryPack.png
    › Inexpensive and flexible solution. Comprises a synchronisation button and a mini-USB to make things still easier!

    • High Capacity, play up to 15H without recharging.
    • Rechargeable battery for the Wii™* without residual memory effect.